Joining Quidco is really a no-brainer for bargain hunters. The way it works is really simple: When you find something that you want to buy from a merchant online, head on over to Quidco and see if they’ve got a rebate deal with that merchant. If they have, then visit the merchant by clicking on the link at the Quidco site. You’ll get a kickback from Quidco for a percentage of the amount you’ve spent.

Quidco is what’s known as a cashback, or rebate site. When you buy something through one of their links, they get a commission from the retailer. In turn, they share some of that commission with you. The transaction between you and the retailer is exactly the same as it’s always been – it’s just that now you’re getting some of the commission, in the form of a commission, deposited straight into your bank account!

Sign up and have a nosey around. They’ve got some great offers, some of which are exclusives, so you can really bag some bargains that aren’t available elsewhere.